Dragonfish Blackjack Application

A complete decade after its founding, Gibraltar-based 888 Holdings grew to become one of the world’s foremost online wagering service providers in 2007.

Despite the fact that the company was already responsible for the creation of hundreds of online casino games, including virtual slots, table games, and specialty offerings, 888 Holdings made an impact with a significant acquisition in that year.

888 Holdings obtained the foundation for the comprehensive business-to-business (b2b) online wagering infrastructure known as Dragonfish by acquiring the GlobalCom Bingo network for $42 million.

Initially a sports wagering platform, 888 Holdings expanded over time to incorporate the entire spectrum of online gambling options. And while the Dragonfish subsidiary primarily specialized in streamlining the “backend” operations of online casinos, the company’s previous infrastructure included poker and bingo networks.

In the years since then, dozens of online casinos in various global markets have integrated Dragonfish software. In early 2016, the success of Dragonfish prompted 888 Holdings executives to expand and divide the brand.

The Dragonfish brand was maintained for its b2b services and bingo network, while Casino Flex was launched to cover traditional casino activities.

The senior vice president and director of business development for 888 Holdings, Yaniv Sherman, issued a press release to clarify the impetus behind the creation of Casino Flex:

Experience with new partners such as Foxy Casino and Moon Games gave the company the confidence to repackage the product. In 2015, several of our partners launched casino sites to complement their bingo offerings, while others went directly to casino without bingo.

We utilized this traction and momentum to rebrand and primarily differentiate it from the bingo instant games, as we see a specific group of operators interested in the Dragonfish platform and game portfolio.

Casino Flex is distinctive in that it can accommodate lesser operations and scale up as they expand. This is a novel strategy that has served us well on the Dragonfish Bingo Network, and we are now implementing it in the casino market.”

Today, the Casino Flex extension of Dragonfish software is used to power over 300 distinctive casino game titles, including a few blackjack variations.

Having only recently committed to designing casino games explicitly, the reborn Dragonfish / Casino Flex brand — referred to as Dragonfish for clarity — is in the process of expanding its product portfolio. Simply stated, this indicates that the present selection of blackjack games is routinely updated, either through the addition of new games or the enhancement of existing ones.

The purpose of this page is to provide an in-depth analysis of the Dragonfish blackjack software. We’ll begin with a comprehensive list of the online casino platforms where the company’s software can be found, followed by a breakdown of each and every blackjack variation on the menu.

Connected online casinos

These online casinos are powered by the Dragonfish software platform:

777 Casino 888 Casino BlingCity Casino Costa Games Casino Extraordinary Spins Jackpots at Casino Foxy Casino Jester Casino Lotos Lottery Club Casino Lucky Reels Moon Casino Games Casino Exclusive Slots The Casino Shanghai Reels Casino Slot Slots Angel Crazy Casino Spin-Zeus Casino Bingo Tip-Top Casino Gold Total Casino Vegas Gamble Casino Welcoming Slots Casino Unbelievable Jackpots Casino Slots Wink Casino

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