IGT Slots Evaluations and Ratings

The acronym IGT denotes International Game Technology. However, you won’t encounter that name very often. The company is commonly denoted by its initials.

IGT is the greatest end-to-end gaming corporation in the globe. That means they are, if you will, the largest organization specializing in the design, production, delivery, and service of wagering games. The aforementioned organization is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is transacted under the symbol “IGT.”

Their holding company is based in the United Kingdom, but they also maintain operational headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island, Rome, and Las Vegas. This organization embodies the term “multinational.” As a reflection of the company’s inception, the majority of their executive staff is Italian, whereas the majority of their non-executive staff is either British or American. IGT maintains over 13,000 employees across its scores of headquarters and minor facilities located throughout the globe.

Although their primary focus remains on developing slot and video poker games, the company has expanded its portfolio through acquisitions throughout the years. In addition to manufacturing casino games, IGT is a significant participant in the online wagering industry. The organization manufactures an extensive range of electronic and coin-operated games, encompassing social games, mobile gambling titles, and lottery games.

IGT guarantees in its mission statement that it “… delivers optimal solutions to customers while generating maximum value for shareholders through the observance of utmost standards of service, integrity, accountability, and innovation.”
Let’s conduct an in-depth analysis of IGT and the games they develop in order to ascertain whether or not they are truly delivering exceptional service and innovation.

Management of IGT

The executive staff of all of IGT’s main conglomerates are introduced and photographed prominently on the company’s website, which features imagery of the management team. As stated on the website: “IGT has assembled a group of established industry leaders to establish a formidable gaming and lottery enterprise, which offers value and expertise to our customers worldwide.”

Marcel Salamento

In addition to his role as the chief executive officer of IGT (CEO), Mr. Sala is a member of the organization’s Board of Directors. Prior to assuming leadership of IGT, Mr. Sala gained experience as the CEO of Buffetti, the largest chain of office supply stores in Italy. As a former marketing director for Kraft Foods, Marco Sala oversaw the organization’s operations throughout the majority of Europe. Since April 2015, Sala has occupied this position within the organization.

Renato Ascoli, Jr.

Officially, Mr. Ascoli is referred to as the CEO of North America Gaming/Interactive. That essentially means he is responsible for every facet of the game development process. Mr. Ascoli oversees the production, distribution, and promotion of each game that IGT produces. The most recent creation of the Ascoli team is the DoubleDown Casino, which is especially designed for the creation of social media gaming products.

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