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The vast majority of online casino visitors are likely familiar with the card and table games (Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, etc.), slot machines (classic, video, and jackpot), and bingo games (various variants thereof).

Slingo is an umbrella term for a suite of games, and in this article you’ll discover all there is to know about them.

Exactly what is this thing called Slingo?


Slingo (a portmanteau of the words “bingo” and “slots”) is a novel hybrid of these two well-liked pastimes.


Slingo is played in the same way as bingo, with players crossing off squares when numbers are called in an effort to create lines. Instead of numbers being drawn or spoken out, they appear on a short row of reels below the grid and spin into view.


After deciding how much to wager, you’ll begin the game’s predetermined amount of spins.


When you spin the reels, the numbers that appear on them will be compared to the numbers in the grid’s topmost column, and any matches will be crossed out.


If you cross out enough squares to make a line, whether it be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal (a “Slingo”), you receive a prize. The more the number of lines you make, the greater your reward. If you cross off every single cell in the grid (a “full house”), you’ll get paid out on the highest possible level.


When you realize that there’s more going on than just numbers on the reels, the excitement level skyrockets. There are also special symbols that can show up, such as those that give you free spins, immediate wins, or the ability to cross out any number in the same column or the entire grid.


Keep an eye out for the devil icon, though, because he stands in for random numbers.


If you are near to completing additional lines after playing your spins, you may be given the option to play additional spins for a fee.


Slingo is an exciting hybrid of bingo and slots, bringing together the best of both worlds.


Slingo vs. Bingo: What’s the Difference?

Slingo may look like the popular 75-ball bingo variant, but it’s actually quite different.


The main distinction between Slingo and bingo is that in Slingo, the numbers aren’t randomly generated by a computer like they are in bingo. Instead, a short, single row of reels is used to decide called numbers, and it is typically placed beneath the grid of numbers. Each column in the 5×5 grid corresponds to a reel, and when a number appears on a reel, it is compared to the corresponding cells in the grid, and any matches are noted off.


Slingo is very different from bingo in that it involves more than just numbers. A variety of game-improving symbols can be shown along that single row of reels. Joker symbols allow you to cross out any number in a column or the entire grid, and the appropriate symbol can unlock further spins at no additional cost.


Finally, most Slingo games will allow you to purchase additional spins once you’ve used up your first allotment. In bingo games, you do not have that choice.

How Slingo Came to Be


Sal Falciglia, Sr., a real estate developer from New Jersey, created Slingo in 1994. He quickly established Slingo Inc. to commercialize the game and continue developing similar products.


In 2013, RealNetworks paid $15.6 million for Slingo, and in 2015, it sold the game to Gaming Realms for $18 million.


Slingo Originals is a collection of games that currently counts around 56, with the most popular titles being those aimed at gamers in the United Kingdom and the United States.


Tutorial on Slingo Play

Do you want to try out Slingo right now? The entry point is low. Counting out numbers while you spin a single row of reels is as easy as following the four steps outlined below.


Obtaining a Slingo Site is Step 1.

The first step is to choose a trustworthy online gambling establishment that provides access to Slingo. If you want to play at an online casino with complete confidence that your money is secure, you should pick one with a good reputation.


The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is a reputable licensing institution that you should look for. We have compiled a list of the best Slingo sites on the web, and each one has been checked for security, reliability, and fun factor.


Second, sign up.

The next step, after deciding on a good Slingo site to join, is to create a new account. To fill out a short form, look for a Register or Join button and click it. Indicate your personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email address. A username and password that you select will be required to access your new account.


If you create a new account, you must confirm it by either clicking the link in the welcome email or replying to a text message.


Third, make a deposit.

The next step is to fund your brand-new account with some kind of deposit.


To make a deposit, either visit the cashier while signed into your account or select one of the Deposit options. After that, several different options for making a payment will be shown to you. To make a deposit, please choose the payment method you like, input the necessary information (such as your credit card number or online wallet login), and then press the button.


Whenever you’re ready, deposits will automatically be made to your account.


The Fourth Step: Win Real Money Playing Slingo!

You can start playing Slingo for real money prizes as soon as you sign up for a reputable Slingo site and make your first payment.


Go check out the site’s Slingo games and play one that strikes your fancy. A quick go through of the rules is in order, as there may be some subtle differences across the various iterations of the game.


Once you’ve decided how much you want to wager, you can start spinning the reels to see if any winning combinations appear.

The Slingo Rules


If you’re used to playing slot machines or bingo, you might be surprised by how different Slingo is. In this section, you will learn the fundamentals of the game and what to expect from it.


Bingo Card Inspection Rule No. 1

It’s a good idea to have a glance at your bingo card and get acquainted with its layout before you get started. There’s a 5×5 grid of numbers in the middle, and the goal is to make lines and win prizes by crossing them out.


There is a row of empty cells beneath the grid. The numbers you’ll be looking for in the grid will appear on this single row of reels, while other symbols may award instant prizes or free games regardless of the outcome of the spin.


Payouts for various combinations of regular and special symbols, as well as for completing a line (Slingo) are listed to the left of the reels.


The number of remaining spins, the number of free spins you have earned, and the value of your triggered prizes are all displayed to the right. You’ll also find the Play button here, which will start the game and turn the reels.


Second Rule: Match the Numbers as the Reels Turn

The goal of Slingo is to eliminate columns from a grid by marking off corresponding numbers, and the game is played by spinning a single row of reels down the bottom.


The reels will spin whenever you click the Play/Spin button, and when they stop they’ll display a random number or symbol. If the indicated number is also found in the column to the right, the corresponding cell will be checked.


A symbol’s effect, such as more spins, the ability to cross out any number in that column or the entire grid, or an instant win, is activated when the symbol lands.


If the devil symbol appears, instead of a number, you’ll get the devil symbol.


Third Guideline: Make Use of Free Spins

As was previously noted, free spins can be triggered by the appearance of a specific symbol on reel 3. If you land a symbol that says “Free Spins,” your free spins meter on the right will increase by one.


Once your allotted spins have been used up, you can use any and all of the free spins you’ve earned throughout the game.


Lines Must Be Straight, and So Must Your Card

In Slingo, the goal is to either cross off a set of numbers in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row, or to cross off all the numbers in the grid. The paytable to the left of the grid indicates that the greater the number of lines, or Slingos, the greater the payout.


Marking off numbers can send you to the next level in a game with higher prizes, while marking off shapes can get you payouts.

Strategies for Playing Slingo Online


Slingo games can be played for free or with real money. Let’s take a closer look at these two game modes.


Cash in on Slingo!

Playing Slingo games for real money is the way to go if you want to win cash prizes. You can adjust the stake to your preference, but be assured that you’ll be using real money to play.


If you mark off lines using real money, Slingo will give you a cash prize that you can put toward whatever you like.


Free Online Slingo

If you’re not quite ready to play for real money, you can still get a feel for Slingo in free play mode.


Slingo is one of the many games that can be played for free at a variety of online casinos. You can play the game risk-free before committing any real cash by clicking the Demo, Free Play, or Try button. Keep in mind that any payouts you receive will also be considered part of the pot.


Free Slingo may require registration with the site’s associated online casino; check the site’s terms and conditions for details.

Successful Slingo Tactics


Slingo can be played with some degree of technique, unlike slot machines and bingo where there is no way to gain an advantage. The games’ rulesets even include a “Best Strategy” section.


You may improve your chances of winning Slingo by focusing on two specific factors.


Before anything else, be selective while using jokers. When you use a joker symbol, you can cross off any number in that column or the entire grid. A line, two lines, three lines, or none at all may result from your selection and the resulting grid pattern.


If you need one more number to complete a line and you get a joker, the logical choice is to use it.


Keep an eye out for the sweet reward that occurs when a single number appears at the point where the horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines meet.


At the conclusion of the game, after all of your spins and free spins have been used up, you have the option to continue playing for a predetermined fee. This is a greater risk, of course, but the decision to proceed is ultimately yours.



Looking for Slingo-related details? Read the frequently asked questions.


Instructions for Slingo play.


To play Slingo, you spin the bottom reel row, which reveals numbers that are used to cross out columns in the 5×5 bingo grid above. Pick your bet and select “play” to start the reels turning.


Exactly what is this thing called Slingo?


In Slingo, you’ll find a 5×5 grid of numbers similar to bingo on top and a row of reels similar to slots on the bottom, each of which has different numbers and symbols.


Can you please explain the game’s goal?


In order to win in Slingo, players need to cross off matching numbers in rows, columns, and diagonals to form Slingos. The bigger your payout will be, the more lines you make. If you cross off every single cell in the grid, you’ll receive the top prize!

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